It is possible to visit the place or to be volunteer for this project in “centro de rehabilitación de aves rapaces” (bird of prey special hospital).

EcoHostel is a Greenpeace member of and through this supports the organization giving it an important voice to this movement and a financial support.

We also support all the environmental campaigns in Chile like (Patagonia Sin Represas), International campaigne  for a Dam-Free Patagonia to preserve our Patagonia without huge project building dams and more than 2,000 Kms with wires and its towers between Patagonia and Santiago.

EcoHostel It is one of the rare places in Chile where we do recycling (but, fortunately, getting every day less rare). In our backyard, you will find trashes for plastics, paper, glass, plastic bottle, tetra pack and cans. We are soon going to install a compost to complete the recycling process. Every so on, we go to a recycling center to deposit the bags.


The Pimiento or Molle (Schinus molle) is a species originated in Peru but distributed in dry region of Latin America and usually used in cities for decoration in the northernhalf of Chile. Its seed have a fine taste of pepper. The Maitén (Maytenus boaria) grows in all Chile in humid places. It is used as forage for cattle.

We try to communicate information to our hosts through wall information, documentaries, talks, etc….

We sell some recycled items, parachutebags, propaganda T-shirts…

We have a solar charger for IPODs, mobile phone and laptops in the first backyard…

We use solar lamps in every little corner of the hostal…

We have furniture made out of recycled stuff (on old door transformed in table for example)…

We offer tours in which education to ecological problematic is present…

We have a Wattson, an instantaneous measurer for our electricity consumption, in the living room…

We have a “good actions list” in the kitchen, for everyone to improve its ecological daily behavior so to lower its impact in the world.

As soon as possible we will have solar showers and solar lights in all our building.

And, most important thing… if you have more ideas, new ideas, we would be very grateful if you could share themwith us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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